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Pundit KC Sharma
"Pundit K C Sharma", A renowned Spiritual Healer, a great Astrologer-Palmist-and numerologist, belongs to a reputed Angras Punj- soothsayers- Family of INDIA. Born in 1934, did his schooling from Dayal Singh School (Lahore). After partition of India in 1947, he moved to Amritsar. Pundit ji did his University education from Dayal Singh College karnal, Haryana.Thereafter he moved to Delhi and started his career as a teacher. He married in 1956. Pundit ji retired as a principal from a Delhi School and then settled in Canada.He studied English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Punjabi, Persian, Psychology, Law and of course got proficiency in Astrology.
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Pundit Raj Rajeev Punj
Pandit Raaj Rajeev Punj, (S/o World Renowned Astrologer, Pundit K C SHARMA, settled in Canada), is a globally acclaimed Astrologer, having exceptional knowledge in the field of Numerology & Astrology in its various forms. He is  recognised for his accurate Predictions & Readings. He is also a trained therapist in Stress- management, Chakra-balancing, caring, curing, healing, through various therapies & spiritual treatments. After decades of practicing in Astro-Counselling, Meditation through mind, body and Soul, he can make you understand as to what the stars have in store for you and what Remedial measures would solve your problems.He has developed a name for himself as the foremost authority in the realms of Astrology, helping people from INDIA & Abroad. His services are often called upon by Celebrities and the like from every walk of life. So avail this opportunity. Get PEACE, PROSPERITY & SUCCESS  in life.